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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Adventure Time, Season One, Episode One: Slumber Party Panic




This show makes no sense.

At all. Like, seriously. At all.

For an intro into a new series, this is terrible. Absolutely terrible. Simply because I watch it having no idea what's going on. I initially thought I was watching the wrong series. For all the hype this show gets, I don't understand what's going on. At all.

This show wants me to invest in it for more than a few episodes, but it's given me nothing to suspend my disbelief. It's certainly shocking and weird, but that doesn't help the fact that I DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON.

Even the intro screen gives you nothing! NOTHING!

I'm going to at least try and survive the first season for you. As I watch the episodes, I'll struggle to make reviews of them, but seriously... this show was just... weird.

That said, I can at least see the appeal. People seem to like "randomness!" for the sake of randomness. And it's certainly colourful and the animation is quite good, but it's still just so... weird.

In between I'll still review movies. Expect a review of Machete and Machete Kills soon!